Higher Education Degree Programs

Singapore’s higher education landscape is very varied. Higher Education institutions in Singapore provide degrees, diploma, or certificate depending upon the nature of the course of studies. Singapore is a home to a number of world-class universities that offer several programs.  At universities emphasis is on degree programs. At all other institutions, the focus is on diploma and certificate programs.

The Higher Education Degree programs offered in Singapore are as follows:

Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Specialist Diploma Program

Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in Singapore are a two to three-years of study in a specific field or discipline. Such programs provide students with basic knowledge and aptitude to oversee business operations successfully. The advanced diploma helps in developing the strategic and analytical thinking abilities in students who would be future managers and executives. For students who aspire to carve a specific career path can go in for Specialist diploma programs. The major courses in Singapore offer three-year Diplomas and two-year part-time Advanced Diplomas for holders of a Polytechnic Diploma and relevant work experience.

Undergraduate Degree

Students at the bachelor's level are known as undergraduates. Successful completion of the secondary school program is the normal requirement for admission to undergraduate study.A Bachelor degree helps to get an entry-level job and involve a minimum of three years of full-time study depending on the course of study. An additional year of study following a three-year degree program is referred to as Bachelor’s Honours degree.

Students can undertake studies, both in general areas, i.e. Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS), or a more specific field such as a Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics).  Students undertaking program in general fields will have to select an area they will specialize within that field and this area is called a ‘major’. Students will need to complete a quota of subjects within the ‘major’ in order to be awarded the title. Some programs provide students the opportunity to complete a secondary tract of study within the same field with a lower required subject quota, called a ‘minor.’
  • Duration: 3 to 4 years

Master's Degree

Master’s degree provides students with a specialized knowledge and also adds vast academic, intellectual and work-related skills in them. The main forms of Masters Degrees within the Masters Degree qualification type are: the Masters Degree-Research wherein students need to submit a thesis and the Masters Degree- Coursework involves a dissertation that needs to be completed by the students. A master's degree in Singapore typically requires two years of study after successful completion of a Bachelor or Bachelor honours degree.
  • Duration: 1 to 2 years

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral study takes a deeper and more specialized focus upon a subject area. There are two forms of Doctoral Degree: the Doctoral Degree (Research) and the Doctoral Degree (Professional). A minimum of two years and up to five years of study and research, as well as a dissertation, are the basic requirements for a doctorate. The Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Laws and Doctor of Science are granted on the basis of published work.
  • Duration: 2 to 5 years
Specific requirements, course and credit options for the degree programs vary between institutions. So, the candidates must research thoroughly and confirm directly with the host department.
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