English Language Entrance Proficiency Tests in Singapore

The English Language Entrance Proficiency Test (EL EPT) is designed for applicants who wish to teach English medium subjects in Singapore. The Ministry of Education (Singapore) has authorised the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) to manage and regulate the English Language Entrance Proficiency Test (EL EPT).

The test consists of two sections:
  • Section 1-Speaking: In this section, applicants are required to introduce themselves, read out a passage clearly and present a soliloquy. Applicants are also given a few minutes of dialogue with the interviewer.
  • Section 2- Writing: In this section, applicants are given a situation based topic on which they need to compose an article of about 200-300 words. Likewise, applicants are asked to write an essay of about 450 words on the topic given, thereby presenting their opinions with support.
The test date, time and venue details are sent to the applicants two weeks prior to the test. 

Exemption Criteria

Applicants who satisfy any of the criteria below are exempted from the English Language Entrance Proficiency Test (EL EPT): 
  • Applicants holding an honours degree or a pass degree with merit or a final year undergraduates with English Language or English Literature as the major Subject are exempted from the test.
  • Applicants who scored a Grade B3 in General Paper-English, or Grade B in H1 General Paper or H2 knowledge and Inquiry at the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination.
  • Applicants who scored a Grade B3 in English Language (EL1) at the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination or in English Paper 121, 1119 or 1120 at SPM.
  • Applicants who scored a Grade 5 in English at the International Baccalaureate Examination; or who have scored at least an overall range of 3.5 in English Language in the NUS High School Diploma.


Speaking Test

This test is an oral proficiency test. In this a passage is given to the applicants. Applicants are asked to read that passage clearly and loudly and then give a speech on the topic. The applicants are required to recognise and produce individual words rightly, add meaningful stress and pause appropriately. As well, they need to present their opinions in a logical and consistent manner. In the latter part of the section, the examiner asks a few questions from the applicants and even engages in a discussion on the issues extending the topic. 
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Writing Test

The Writing Test consists of two tasks. The first tasks require the applicants to organise and present a situational writing of about 200 to 300 words. The second task involves writing a short descriptive essay of about 450 words, thereby stating your viewpoints clearly along with appropriate arguments in support of the viewpoints put forward.
  • Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Registration and Fees

The fee varies from year to year. Check the official website of the MOE for registration and fee details. 

Results and Scoring

The Speaking section is assessed on the two tasks: reading aloud and interview. Applicant’s interaction with the passage and interviewer plays a vital role in the evaluation process. Scoring is also based on the usage of lexical items, grammatical structures, diction, and intonation.

The Writing section is assessed according to the responses given by the applicants. The ideas and text presented is used to evaluate the performance of the applicants. The usage of words, expressions, context, purpose, and lexis are being assessed.

The results are given five weeks after the test. A statement of result is issued to the applicants, which is valid for a span of 2 years from the test date.

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